Questions and Answers


If a child is ten or turning ten in 2019 he / she is under 10
If a child is eleven or turning eleven in 2019 he/she is under 11
If a child is twelve or turning twelve in 2019 he/she is under 12
If a child is thirteen/fourteen during 2019  he/ she is under 14.
More details on events and dates page.
Can the children wear spiked running shoes?
Children wearing spikes should adhere to the Stadium guidelines of Morton Stadium "Pyramid/Cone & Christmas tree spikes are acceptable on the Morton Stadium track. Needle spikes are not permitted. Any spikes more than 7mm are not permitted.
Some guidelines to help your day in Santry run smoothly
  •   Numbers will be available from 9:30amin the offices on the middle level in the main stand. The parade will begin at 10:00am. Please note the earlier start time is due to high numbers entering the sports.
Again due to the increased number of teams entering the competitions there will be relay teams sharing lanes for the heats.
Every effort will be made to ensure this only occurs one time for a school.
  • Please take note of your section and official number this can be found on the top left hand corner of your 'register athletes' page in the 'members area'
  • Parking: Please advise bus driversparking is in the Clonliffe Club areaof the grounds. Parking in the stadium is limited and an overflow car park will be available (weather depending) in Santry Park. There is also public parking in Northwood near Woodies and Mc Donalds. Cars may be clamped if parked in nearby housing estates.
  • Rubbish:Each school is responsible for cleaning their area. Any school that doesn’t comply will be fined and may not be invited to enter next year.
  • Complaints:Please note all our officials on the day are volunteers and we depend on their good will to help with the running of the events. The decision of the judge is final and communication should be made with committee members only(Personnel in Cumann na mBunscol T-shirts).
  • Teachers please be vigilant that only children competingare allowed inside the track area. Teachers who are not assisting officials SHOULD NOT be in the track area and will be asked to leave and their school may be disqualified.
  • Teacher supervision is essential all day and especially around the toilet area at the back of the uncovered stand and the green hill area. This leads onto a car park- children SHOULD NOT be permitted to roll down it.
  • Only accredited photographers who have been previously approvedby the committee are permitted to take pictures inside the track area. While teachers are welcomed during cup and medal presentations we would ask that they leave the track promptly and do not obstruct the judges view.


Technical Rules


  • High Jump: Starting Heights - U-11 = 1m and U-14 = 1m15cm - Athletes will be disqualified if jumping off two feet.

  • Shot Putt: Back foot must stay on the ground when throwing. Weight of Shot Putt is 2kg.

  • Hurdles: There will be 6 flights of hurdles, 2ft 3 inches high, 11m run in to first hurdle and remaining hurdles at 6.5m intervals.

  • Lanes: During relay and sprint events the team (in relay) or child (in sprint) may be disqualified if they leave their lane during the race and obstruct final results.

  • Relays: Children will be placed at the white line at the beginning of the zone for the relay.