Rialacha/Age Limits

Rules for Go Games Football

  • Teams will be 15- a-side.
  • The ball may be carried for 4 steps with only one hop and one solo permitted.
  • Fist passing or hand passing is permitted (but not two in succession).
  • Frees and kick-outs may be taken from the hand or from the ground.
  • The player to whom a free kick has been awarded shall take it.
  • When a player plays the ball over his own end-line, the other team is awarded a free kick from the 30m line.
  • Kick-out will be taken from the 30m line after a score and after a wide.
  • SCORING - Over bar = 2 points; Goal = 3 points.
  • Competition will be played on a league basis only.
  • 3 points for a win.
  • 2 points for a draw.
  • 1 point for fulfilling fixture.
  • Team with highest points wins (No Final).
  • Winning team is awarded a set of medals.


Age Limits 

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